Monday, August 3, 2009


The idea of leisurely working in fuzzy slippers is probably only real to those that don't actually do it. It is often hectic and even busier than working it the rat race from which you intended to escape. And those of us that do it also know of the evil that lurks in the procrastination opportunities that abound when you are working in your own digs. Occasionally, even the most reclusive of us, need a change of scenery when working from home. Those serious social butterflies may even crave creative exchange, brainstorming, and like minded activity. Go figure. Well in the latest installment of creative "co-working", Lab 24/7 has birthed their version in beautiful Bed Stuy. They not only offer a great space to work and exchange ideas with other Creatives, they provide productive welcomed distractions such as Yoga! I don't need to mention why this is a wonderfully Green option, no gas, shared utilities, less need for fancy clothes (hence zero dry cleaning), and it does wonders in creating a real "walkable community". Also check out Lab 24/7's other great events such as their Hotter than July event on August 9th. I may actually shower and slide on over myself...after I rearrange my spice rack of course.

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