Saturday, March 21, 2009


Repurposed scrap wood and hangers I created - It's called "Ang On (

I need challenges. Parameters. Deadlines, if you will, in order to get things done. Even fun things that I really WANT to do.

So - I want to issue a challenge to you as a way to have fun but also as a way to get my own butt in gear .

So here it is:

Can you make something new out of something old EVERYDAY until Earth Day? I am gonna do this challenge with my daughter. So parents this can double as a "scram -kid" activity too. Basically re-purpose something using your own creative talents, artwork, and ingenuity. It doesn't have to be anything complicated; An old newspaper into colorful wrapping paper, popsicle stick into a little puppet, old bills into a sketch book. Whatever floats your boat. The goal is just to make something new each day.

Have fun and please share!

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